Dustless Floor Sanding and Refinishing



  When  it comes to making a decision about sanding and refinishing your  hardwood floors we know there is a large selection of companies to  choose from. For over 45  years we have been providing professional floor sanding and refinishing  services at its finest, we are a trusted name in Orland Park, the  southwest suburbs and surrounding areas. We understand that being in the  service business means our first priority is to deliver customer  satisfaction. This is accomplished by providing each client a commitment  of personal attention with superior service and also providing a  healthier and cleaner alternative to traditional floor sanding

   We have made large investments in dust containment equipment, true dust  containment equipment. Traditional hardwood floor sanding produces  enormous amounts of airborne dust, which can be extremely messy and  difficult to clean up. This dust can linger in air ducts, and on walls  and ceilings, long after the sanding process has taken place  compromising the air quality of your home or place of business. We  believe we have made the best choice when choosing the system we have,  the Bona Atomic Trailer Mounted Dust Containment System. The most  powerful and effective dust containment on the market. This system has  been Greenguard certified for indoor air quality. Dust produced during  the sanding process is extracted before it become airborne and is  contained offsite. Airborne dust will not settle into the finish,  producing a higher quality result. This combined with high quality  products designed for high traffic areas, which have been used on  millions of square feet of flooring around the world, ensures that  we are not experimenting on your floors. They are some of the most  trusted names in the business.

  Sanding and finishing your  floors can also be a large investment. We have built a reputation for  hard work, honesty, and reliability with superior craftsmanship. We  accomplish this by spending the time necessary on the job to achieve  quality workmanship. Also with you, to make sure you receive the  beautifully finished floors you were expecting.

   When searching  the internet or your local phone directories for qualified businesses  it can become a difficult task knowing who to choose. We welcome your  inquiries and encourage your request for referrals. We have provided  information to potential clients since our inception.

   We have  been in the business for over 45 years because we have earned the  respect of our clients. We guarantee personal service with extensive  experience that is second to none. There is no greater compliment than  when our clients refer us to their family, friends or acquaintances.

    You will have beautifully refinished floors without the mess and the  satisfaction of hiring a trusted company that is committed to giving you  personal service with superior craftsmanship .